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Handmade Eco-friendly T-shirts

and crocheted creations

Youth sizes now available

on various shirts.

To check out what we can do for you, look at our custom order info page

If you would like to check out my t-shirts in person come to one of the shows I will be doing throughout the year. I may also have special deals at these shows too.

All shirts can be ordered on a sweatshirt or long sleeved t-shirt. Just contact me at for prices and availablility.

To purchase any shirt you have seen previously at a show or seen here but is no longer listed, just email me for availablility  at

For some nice crocheted items check out Myskats Kreations on Facebook.

RTS1001 Adventure_Challenge

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RTS1006 Scan the Boobies

RTS1002 Insane Cookie

RTS1007 Old Coot

RTS1005 Curse Words


            YTS1009 OCD


   YTS1010 ODD

 RTS1011 Whovian


        RTS1013 Cat Shield       


RTS1014 Godzilla

no Youth or 4 & 5XL sizes available


RTS1017 Bad Wolf

YTS 1017 Bad Wolf


  RTS1018 SDF

RTS1019  13 Lives

           YTS1019  13 Lives

  RTS1020 Rt 66

  RTS1021 Gamera

              YTS1021 Gamera

      RTS1022 Godzilla (dk grey)

      YTS1022 Godzilla (dk grey)

  RTS1023 Evolution

   YTS1023 Evolution

RTS1024 Team Mystic

YTS1024 Team Mystic

RTS1025 Red Shirt

RTS1026 Gibbs